Amplified Media Services provides the high-level services of an innovative sales & marketing operation, all within the global reach of Alliance Entertainment.

Media Distribution and Logistical Services

The entertainment landscape is complex and highly competitive. As it continues to evolve, content providers, suppliers and innovators need experienced industry guidance to achieve their goals. Alignment with the best possible options will make certain their physical and digital distribution solutions deliver desired results. Our consultation is free and we guarantee results.

In order to meet your expectations Amplified Media Services will provide high-level services within our innovative sales & marketing operation. Ours is a global reach that includes a direct working relationship with the key distributors and entertainment based commerce. They include Alliance Entertainment, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, AMS, etc. Our streamlined approach also provides a direct line into digital platforms, leading Ecommerce and Brick & Mortar retailers, a disc on demand manufacturing option as well as direct to consumer sensibility that will manage the on-line accuracy of each client’s products and availability.

Media Distribution Services


  Distribution Services



We offer the ability to have a direct line into entertainment based commerce at all levels. With Amplified Media Services, your product is immediately made available without the lengthy process that encompass a typical solicitation by larger distribution models.




  • Operates as an independent vendor of record.
  • Experienced guidance from product conception, physical & digital set-up, solicitation and through market launch.
  • Utilizes established infrastructure for data base coordination, product marketing and sales materials and a simplified streamlined retail & e-commerce outreach.
  • Logistical, warehouse, and inventory management solutions.
  • Coordinates directly with digital platforms, retail accounts, sales & marketing staffs and international outlets.
  • Highly detailed sales reporting and financial statements.
  • Creative go to market advertising & visibility opportunities.
  • Catalog revitalization and increase revenue strategies.
Media Logistical Services


  Logistical Services


Working not as a consultant, but rather an experienced representative with logistical and sales guidance on behalf of our clients. Amplified Media Services reports directly to you and will partner with the retail market place to increase revenue, accelerate catalog and current release sell thru, reduce return liabilities and assist in managing your marketing plan with cost effective options.



  • Professional, streamlined communication process with direct contact to accounting, purchasing & sales departments, marketing & advertising staffs and systems coordinators.
  • Years of experience in entertainment based commerce providing a wide sphere of influence at leading retailers.
  • Cost effective - solutions based approach that generates sales traction, catalog revitalization and increased purchase order frequency.
  • Access to meet regularly with leading global wholesalers, distributors, and top accounts to consistently review your offerings to ensure appropriate attention & focus.
  • Highly detailed reporting that will pinpoint sell thru success and areas for increased market penetration based on current rate of sales.
  • Review of current account system set up and forensic inventory analysis that will maximize product availability and minimize potential return liabilities.
  • Metadata and digital asset management and monitoring.

Amplified Media Services objective is to be ahead of the curve on the current trends and anticipate the appetite of the consumer. Our experience will be brought to bear to meet our client’s expectations.

We will accomplish this by first determining our client’s needs while offering insights that our years of experience have afforded.



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